HM King Harald V of Norway Visit to Pacific Fisherman

On May 22, 2015 HM King Harald V of Norway visited Pacific Fisherman, met with fishermen, and with Sig saw the Northwestern in drydock, and the following pictures are from JP Images…



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Deadliest Catch had me hooked from day 1 and I am delighted for the entire fishing community as it has educated the world on not only crab fishing but has opened doors for exposure to other fisheries.


  1. Jacqui Duhon says:

    What a wonderful meeting! Sig looks either very scared or so friggin’ happy he’s about to bust 🙂 What a day!

  2. maritzka says:

    What did Edgar get, first runner up? Why not medals for both?

  3. Lars Wattsgård says:

    Cool to see your ancestors showing up 😉

    • Jennifer Englin says:

      Uhm, no offense but what? The King is not an ancestor to the Hanson’s Even at a stretch unless he too is say, a Bearing Sea fishermen, tertiary definitions of ancestry aren’t on point. I am sure you only meant it as a compliment but just because someone has a shared scandinavian heritage with someone(s) doesn’t mean we consider them an “ancestor” never mind both being alive concurrently certainly detracts from the idea he is an ancestor. Unless I missed something and those handsome Hanson men are related back to the royal line, in that case I am certainly missing out!

  4. Shannon Marie Conley says:

    To be kind.