HM King Harald V of Norway Visit to Pacific Fisherman

On May 22, 2015 HM King Harald V of Norway visited Pacific Fisherman, met with fishermen, and with Sig saw the Northwestern in drydock, and the following pictures are from JP Images…



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Deadliest Catch had me hooked from day 1 and I am delighted for the entire fishing community as it has educated the world on not only crab fishing but has opened doors for exposure to other fisheries.


  1. Shannon Marie Conley says:

    To be kind.

  2. Lars Wattsgård says:

    Cool to see your ancestors showing up 😉

    • Jennifer Englin says:

      Uhm, no offense but what? The King is not an ancestor to the Hanson’s Even at a stretch unless he too is say, a Bearing Sea fishermen, tertiary definitions of ancestry aren’t on point. I am sure you only meant it as a compliment but just because someone has a shared scandinavian heritage with someone(s) doesn’t mean we consider them an “ancestor” never mind both being alive concurrently certainly detracts from the idea he is an ancestor. Unless I missed something and those handsome Hanson men are related back to the royal line, in that case I am certainly missing out!

  3. maritzka says:

    What did Edgar get, first runner up? Why not medals for both?

  4. Jacqui Duhon says:

    What a wonderful meeting! Sig looks either very scared or so friggin’ happy he’s about to bust 🙂 What a day!

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