Sit down with Captain Sig

Tracy Collins from Action News sits down with Sig Hansen for a quick chat.


  1. I can’t wait for the next season to air and am always looking forward to it!

  2. Excited for the new season to start.  The Northwestern is the best.  Happy Edgar is back and can’t wait to see both Jakes together.  If you havn’t read the book North by Northwestern do it. Great read about the fishing families.

  3. Hey Sig, I know you won’t remember this, but once in 1982 in Kodiak, at the B and B Bar down on the waterfront, next to what was then B & C Supply, I had a drink with you and who I think was your dad. I worked at B & C, and was in there on my lunch hour, and happened to sit next to you at the bar. I was suprised when I saw you on the show the first time. I tell people I had a drink with you once, and they all tell me I’m full of shit. Good luck to you!

  4. I cant wait for the new season on TV to begin!!!  Have been a loyal fan from the beginning. After the very first show, I understood why Alaskan crab is expensive.You all put your lives on the line just so I can enjoy a delicious meal.  And, Sig, you  are a HOTTIE!!

  5. im so glad we finally got internent and cable in north dakota its a great show and im finally get to see how you all are

  6. Why aren’t we able to watch re-runs as we did before, I’m jonesing for the Catch!!!

  7. this is 1 of the best show I,ve ever watched . I really miss it

  8. Jo Beaird Brooks says:

    When will you “bad boys from the Bering Sea” be back on TV??? Have missed the show greatly… I’d even take reruns.. lol…

  9. ariesone says:

    That was a great interview with Sig, we love the show and enjoy every moment of it and look forward to the season every year….we love all the guys and feel they are family…..

  10. Sig , your the reason i watch the the man for sure 

  11. His book was a great read.

  12. I envy all of you guys. Putting your lives on the line so that the world can eat crab. I think of  my self as a pretty tough man, HOWEVER I would never do the job you guys do on a day to day basis. Regardless of the cash. 
    Stay song, and safe. Sig STAY STRICT, thats what is keeping you guys alive. You all are always in my prayers.CurtAss. FlaP.S. The biting a head off a fish is to easy for green horns. TO EASY 🙂

  13. I bet they are!!

  14. I REALLY miss the show & all the guys.

  15. Love Love Love the show !! We live in Florida and saw the Hillstrands and Jake Harris at the Tampa boat shows….Their just as good looking in person as they are on TV…….

  16. I loved North By Northwestern . It gives more insight to the generations that led you and yours to fish the Bering Sea.

  17. How much cost yearly for repair’s to the Northwestern before crab fishing ?

  18. Sig all your adventures are really unforgettable!!!
    I guess you are the most sensible (or the least crazy) captain out there.

  19. I love this show and these guys! So does my husband!

  20. Love the program, Deadliest Catch. Arne from Sandefjord – Norway. 😉

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