The Accident That Saved Sig Hansens Life


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Scottie has been a proud member of our forum since Oct 2006 and a moderator since 2007.

Deadliest Catch had me hooked from day 1 and I am delighted for the entire fishing community as it has educated the world on not only crab fishing but has opened doors for exposure to other fisheries.


  1. Lori Lawson says:

    I watched this again and can’t imagine where we would be today without Sig. Got to believe that God works in mysterious ways and that everything happens for a reason. 🙏🏻

  2. Willow Sverge says:

    Personally, im glad he said that. If he hadnt i wouldnt think he was human or sane. You look at life differently as you age and realize how much could have happened when you were young and full of piss and vinegar and no brains.

  3. Raymon Bullard says:

    Gotta respect Sig. The water, that water is a bitter cold and mean.

  4. disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg says:

    When you begin to feel that way Sig then perhaps it’s time to retire.

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