Edgar Attends Chesapeake Fishermen’s Appreciation Day 2015

Edgar, along with Captain Keith from the Wizard, were  having fun today at the Chesapeake Fishermen’s Appreciation Day.  The following pics are copyright@Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.aug92015_3aug92015_4

Edgar & Keith

Edgar & Keith


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Deadliest Catch had me hooked from day 1 and I am delighted for the entire fishing community as it has educated the world on not only crab fishing but has opened doors for exposure to other fisheries.


  1. Shannon Marie Conley says:

    For the Family that lives by the sea. May you never be afraid. May you never be lonely. Love with everything you are. Guide your heart by the true, north star. Watch careful in the night. Keep the fire bright. Live everyday with the best of intentions. Know there is a reason you are here. Remember all of this will come around again. Another season. Another year. Another friend.

  2. Aileen Perna says:

    The guys from Deadliest Catch are great. They are away from their families for months on end yet they are always up/available for charitable functions. They look after each other like family (yeah, they even bicker like family too). They truly are role models for kids in these times.

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