Sig Finds a new Greenhorn

Sig Hansen Finds a New Greenhorn at Lake of the Torches Casino!


  1. Sig,  Met you at Walt Disney World Florida.  I would work for free if you gave me a chance.  One season, no pay what so ever.  Very athletic, no bitching, willing to work hours one end.  No strings atached.

  2. sig hire me as your next greenhorn. im 37 married live in seattle just moved here. would love to get a gig on a boat . hit me up I got heart man 206 876 0770

  3. i will like to be a greenhorn im 20 year old

  4. Dc is the best show ever!! I plan to fish on the bering sea one day if it is the last thing I do.  Love the show n the crews, u guys rock!!!!!

  5. Hihi

  6. Elusivnes says:

    I wish I have chance to go to work on Northwestern

  7. These guys make me laugh. Leave it to Sig to find this guy, who says he wants to be the next greenhorn but can’t swim a lick.  Did you know that SIG CAN’T SWIM EITHER?  But I have to admit that I DO miss CAPT. PHIL HARRIS, now there was someone that ALWAYS made you laugh.  Sometimes I think I hear him laughing.  WE MISS YOU PHIL, But you’re in a much better place NOW. 

  8. OMG TOTALLY ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Wowwwwwwwwwwww that was sad…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. OMG TOTALLY ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Wowwwwwwwwwwww that was sad…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. Rogersaudrey27 says:

    That poor guy! He reminds me of myself. Wearing a life jacket in three feet of water!! LOL

  11. Well, not quite.   You always seem to have fun wherever you go.  

  12. hahahahahaha

  13. Damyankee says:

    now thats funny

  14. Just saw the last episode yesterday (on video of course). Now we have to wait for the season. Too bad your brother quits, but with you as captain it will be allright.

  15. LOL, very nice…I’m sure you have all heard it b4 but what a great life…easy to say I guess from looking in…but still there is nothing better than busting your ass for a few months and then being done for the year if you so choose…while I was a Marine I had those kinds of experiences..only not the money part…lol…we would be up and marching b4 5 am and get done in one morning more than most will in a week…but the feeling of being invincible was incredible…you guys rock and the show needs to be on all year long…can’t you fish for something else after crabs??? lol…keep up the great tv…and RIP Phil Harris…Larry D

  16. roflmao don’t think he would last 2 minutes with Sig and the guys. Was great comedy tho.


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