Channel Guide Magazine Talks with Sig & Mandy Hansen

By Lori Acken Channel Guide Magazine

On tonight’s all-new Deadliest Catch, two captains’ kids take giant steps forward in their familial legacies. More than three years after her captain Phil Harris’s tragic passing, the Cornelia Marie returns to the fleet with Harris’ son Josh — the boat’s new owner — in the wheelhouse.

And aboard the Northwestern, captain Sig Hansen welcomes a familiar new greenhorn — his beautiful, blonde 18-year-old daughter, Mandy, who has convinced her parents to let her work aboard the boat for a few days of the opilio crab season while her school’s on winter break.

Having spent four summers working aboard the  boat during the salmon tendering season —and with the end of high school and the start of maritime academy looming — the younger Hansen is ready to test-drive potential career options.

We caught up with Sig and Mandy Hansen last week to talk Deadliest Catch, family legacies and what kind of advice dad gave his girl aboard the boat.

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An avid fan of Deadliest Catch I've been watching since the pilot episode. A member of the F/V Northwestern Forums since 2008, I was asked to come on board as a Moderator in 2011.


  1. Terry Howe says:

    Mandy is a Pistol, she said “I want to be a Hansen”. She Knows how to get things done as she has shown rearranging her school schedule & many other things also. I wouldn’t tell her something she takes more or less like a dare, she’ll win every time.
    She made her mind up about crabbing years ago, like Nick said “don’t argue with a woman, especially a Hansen woman” as he does, I worry a little about her safety on deck because of her size only, but I’m 100% confident that she will find a way and she is extremely smart & has boat savoy already, as it’s in her Blood.

    She will be fine and the choice to continue as a Crabber will be hers alone, I’m Norwegian of my Mom’s side & took heavy swells like a fish, which I was in in summer of ’62 out of Seldovia & Valdez, went over board on a Black night swell off a salmon boat, boots full of water.
    Mandy has the Best people in the world looking out for her, Sig, Edgar, Norman & Nick with the rest of the crew.
    This all has already happened as I have just seen it as it was a long time ago when it happened, I’d be very surprised if she has change her mind.
    Love her Attitude!

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