Deadliest Catch Partners With WWE For a Brand New Season

Discovery Channel is partnering with WWE (NYSE:WWE) on a powerhouse promotion for Deadliest Catch, celebrating its 100th episode with the show’s Tuesday, April 10, 2012 premiere. Anchored by a first-ever integration, Catch crew and WWE Superstars came face-to-face at WrestleMania XXVIII on April 1, broadcasted to millions around the world on payper-view and in front of the record-setting, sold out stadium of 78,363 fans.

Custom Deadliest Catch elements will be part of an integrated presence on through mid-April including: exclusive video with WWE talent promoting Deadliest Catch; a “Battle Mode” game where fans pick their favorite Catch characters; and a tournament-style “Bracketology” where users vote for their favorite “catches” in WWE.


Deadliest Catch: Battle Mode.  You choose who wins this Deadliest Match.

Play the game HERE.


About Laura Dicharia

An avid fan of Deadliest Catch I've been watching since the pilot episode. A member of the F/V Northwestern Forums since 2008, I was asked to come on board as a Moderator in 2011.


  1. Stupid. These guys are fishermen, not to be compared(?) to these wrestlers who probably could not do what they do for an hour. They’re not fit to shine the crab guys’ boots.

  2. Deadliestfan says:

    Can’t wait for the new season. Wish they would drop the Harris boys/brats. Capt. Phil was one of my favorites but don’t care for the sons at least not Jake.  I like some of the new ones that came on last year. Been watching a marathon all weekend. Don’t care ofr WWE.

  3. JohnInRedmond says:

    Last time I watched anything like WWE, it was called Georgia Championship Wrestling. It was a soap then too.

    Bit silly but Deadliest Catch will survive it. Glad they’re back!

  4. Really??? Wrastlin’ …? Boy THAT really upped the class of the show! Sigh! I love hollywood.
    Just keep it pure guys, I love the show, dont like wrestling… And they dont mix…!

  5. im hopin everybody is havin fun,now get to work!lolo:)

  6. Soo happy to see it coming back on. Man I’ve missed the show.

  7. Looks like WWE is trying ANYTHING to get more people interested in an attempt to get better ratings. Interest in WWE has been falling. There’s too much drama and not enough wrestling. Looks to me like WWE is becoming a soap 

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