‘Deadliest Catch’ season 8 promo hits home,

It’s almost here, Season 8 will air on April 10 with it’s 100th episode.  Teary farewells for the Fishermen as they head back to sea.  The Harris boys on the Northwestern and the Time Bandit.  This looks like a very eventful season.

See the Promo Clip Here!


  1. Yay . Can’t wait. Stay Safe 

  2. gunniehighway says:

    hey sig is your brother comin back on the boat ?if not what he doing now?

  3. I can’t wait for you guys to start airing again.Its been way to long.

  4. The boys had a lot of bad luck with last season captions, maybe next season they will be ready to get theirs dad boat out there again.

  5. Sorry to hear Harris boys had to work other boats but am really glad they are still working 🙂 I love Sig and his boat and cant wait to hear him yelling at them once again 🙂  god bless you all

  6. After watching the whole series on Netflix streaming, I cannot wait for the new season!  Let’s go FISHING!

  7. loverofthesea1971 says:

    its sad that we lost a great man but i am glad that the boys are working hard to make there fathers dream come true. all the men on this show should be proud and there familys should be as well. they work hard every day and they put there lives on the line. its a great show and i watch it when ever its on. i hope that this season there are no injurys or worse.

  8. I hope the Cornelia is back up and running after long overdue repairs!!

  9. lets get it goin allready!!!!!

  10. what why are they on that boat??

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