Deadliest Catch Season 8 Teaser

As we all anxiously await the new season, here is a great teaser for you.


  1. normally when you say retier you stay retierd

  2. i em 25 and i wood like to gat a job in a crab bt

  3. tiptiptop says:

    ooooooooooooh this is going to be good

  4. tiptiptop says:

    I fish, dive for crayfish and spear fish with sharks around but this program just gets me going can wait for 8

  5. tiptiptop says:

    i dive, deep sea fish and spear fish with sharks around but what they do is mad

  6. SuzieCruz says:

    video removed by the user, now that is a teaser

  7. Jeanne Marynowski says:

    Maybe Discovery made them remove the video??  At any rate I’ll be ready and waiting to see the season opener!

  8. Terry Howe says:

    Video removed 🙁 
    This is Earth Quake Day, Good Friday Mar. 27th 1964, 9.2 on 1 0  old point scale, highest report was 9.5, ground was felt shaking for over 7 minutes.
    I was in Anch. 
    In 1962 I crabbed and salmon drift netted out of Seldovia and finished at The Old Libby’s Cannery in Kenai.
    Where’s the video Sig?????

  9. this video got deleted….  crap not this one too

  10. Time flies, yet at times not fast enough. Waiting, waiting ,waiting for season 8 to start !

  11. Have BEEN ready-come on season 8-wishing everyone health and wealth!!!

  12. I live on the South coast of Ireland, looking out into the North Atlantic so all our fish is locally caught. Having seen what a major performance is involved in catching crab I will NEVER take my seafood salad for granted again! I would love to taste the Alaskan blue and red king crab. With marie rose sauce and a salad please!

  13. I can’t wait!!!!

  14. OK, Going to BOB CHINS for Crab Legs, Thank You.

  15. Been ready!!! Love it.

  16. So ready for season “8”  and glad to see Edgar too!

  17. this is with out a doubt going to be the best season to date. i can not wait.

  18. cant wait!!!!


    • isawelloffice 2011 says:

      I’m glad to see the Harris boys on the Northwestern and Time Bandit. They still need love and guidance. Who better than Sig, Jonathan, and Andy.!!!
      Stay safe-good thoughts and God Bless!!

  20. wohoo. i can hardly wait for the new seaso!

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