Father’s Day With Deadliest Catch

Mandy and Sig Hansen.We had the opportunity to talk with Sig and Mandy Hansen, the veteran ship captain and star of Deadliest Catch and his newest crew member: his teenage ocean-loving daughter, Mandy. This past April, the Discovery Channel show began its tenth season – the first in which the father-daughter team is on the water together. Read on to learn about the decision to allow such a young girl to crab fish with her father and the all-male crew on the perilous Bering Sea, and the pride a father feels for his fearless daughter.


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An avid fan of Deadliest Catch I've been watching since the pilot episode. A member of the F/V Northwestern Forums since 2008, I was asked to come on board as a Moderator in 2011.


  1. windyblue says:

    She is taking a big risk being on the boat. And so is he. It maybe in her blood but it would be best IF she went out in the summer time. When the sea’s are not so ruff and dangerous. She has a lot to learn about the ocean and the storms. I wonder what his wife thinks of all of this.

    • Ya can’t steal second with one foot on FIRST!!!

    • Justin Unwin says:

      Regardless of Everything! Jake has never laid a string. Sigs lil girl comes on, first trip, lays “my little pony”… on her dad’s numbers mind you…bullshit.
      Jake’s worked so hard for so long, just to be blanketed by “family”. Of which, the “Northwestern” is his now. I simply don’t see the respect given for so much sacrificed, emotionally, physically, and financially from Jake. I would hate to work on your boat, or even want to meet you now. Besides Sir Edgar…everyone I know loves and respects the shit out of him. Oh yeah, the rest of the crew… Sig should be more honored to have those men rather than risk they’re safety due to his little girl he can’t say no to. Not a very collective decision when it comes to anyone else’s life it seems.
      I loved how Sig operated every step. Before. He was my favorite. Now I just see him as a pushover. And seeing all his little girls “toys”, it kind of concretes it all. Another spoiled child reaching for the Rockstar dad. Wrong place to challenge that when injury or death are the consequence.

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