Karl and Edgar’s Tribute to James Cline

On September 18th 2015 at the Everett Memorial Stadium Cascade, before the game, his team, family and friends of James Cline , had a ceremony for James, who had passed away. The team was retiring the old black jersey number 44 which they will be putting in the gym. Edgar Hansen from the Deadliest Catch said a few words ….
Karl Rasmussen, FV Northwestern crew, and James grew up together….
James was like a brother to Karl.
Karl got James jobs in Alaska so he liked fishing and was good at it. He worked for Foss in Seattle, a shipyard company, on his off time and he was about to join the army before he died.
And if people watched last season, the Super Bowl episode, the number Karl had on his rain jacket was 44
Karl donated $10, 000 of his own money to commemorate James and brought back the Bruin Buddies in his name. Karl got it all set up on his own and he was supposed to speak at the presentation but he was fishing so Edgar did Karl a favor and did it on Karl’s behalf.
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