Captain Sig, the King of Crabs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — He may now rank among the legendary captains—and we don’t mean Captain America and Cap’n Crunch.

Of course, they were not the seafarer kind of adventurer that Captain Sig Hansen is. Blessed with rugged Scandinavian looks and a seaman’s vocabulary—much of which expands on late comedian George Carlin’s seven dirty words—Hansen is the kind of stage presenter that does not require dress rehearsals, verbal handcuffs or an editor’s script.

He is unfiltered, authentic and real, a perfect protagonist that has enabled his program, Deadliest Catch, to sail without capsizing on the Discovery Channel for 11 years and soon to wade through a 12th season.

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  1. Daniel Howren says:

    Is this not the place to ask the previous question?

  2. Daniel Howren says:

    Sig Hansen, did you ever have a relative that lived around Westport, Washington or Grays Harbor close to Aberdeen, Washington? I had an Uncle Harold Hansen whom was married to Elsie (Flory).

  3. Shannon Marie Conley says:

    I hear ya!

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