Deadliest Catch Gives Back

AUBURN — A bit of reality TV pop-culture made its way into the Finger Lakes Center for the Living Friday, where residents got a chance to meet Edgar Hansen, one of the crew members filmed in “Deadliest Catch,” a reality show about crab fishing off the coast of Alaska.

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  1. I don’t know what I would do without DC. I watch the dvds almost every day. I suffer from very bad depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Some days I can’t make myself get out of bed because I can’t deal with anything. But DC, especially the Northwestern crew, make me smile and I enjoy the show immensely. I just hate that the guys have to suffer through such weather and pain to bring people crab.

  2. These guys are so nice I had a email from Edgar and also one of the brothers from the Maverick all because I am 29 and watch D.C when I am sick and in pain from all the tests I just watch the guys and think if they can push through all of that so can I and you all give me motivation.
    Right now I am in my 3rd month and 2 weeks of staying in hospital waiting for my third liver transplant and I am away from home and alone so my family brought my my D.C to watch when I am.
    I wish I could get to meet you all one time which I hope to do after the operation that is if it goes well (third time a charm lol) and go to a convention or something that has you guys in it.

    Please tell Matt and Jake they can push through the dark moments and there is so many of us behind you boys ready to listen to your worries and also pick you up if you fall down.

    The main thing I can offer you in what I have learned with this disease is its not about how many times you fall down its how  many times you GET BACK UP AGAIN AND FIGHT AGAIN!

    Love Nikki xx

  3. I just sat and watched all the shows one after the
    other over a two week period. Great show. Capt. Phil was my favorite but Edgar
    was the most down to earth person out of all of them. He played the game with
    his crew mates but also showed compassion and a loving side of himself. This is
    a crazy mixed up world but knowing there are people like Edgar living in it
    makes me feel good inside. I know Edgar isn’t a perfect person and I don’t know
    him personally but a person shows certain things in the briefest moments which tell
    the story.

  4. It’s just  not the same without Edgar. Don’t get me wrong, Sig is awesome. Jake is such a female its laugh out loud funny.

  5. CThePainterman says:

    How is Brother Edgar doing?- Is he coming aboard next season? is the current Engineer holding his own? Haven’t been in touch with whats going on lately- But reminds me of my brother and I (15 yrs older (im 49) He is a hall of fame boxing trainer living in Ft Myers, FL.  I was assisting with the amateur training at our gym for three years, then married my GF and moved back to IN. He says no one steady to assist- tiring for him… Looking forward to getting back sometime. Its nice when Brothers can work well together!

  6. Gerard Agrillo says:

    Stop the Bul..s..s ……..IT cant hurt!!!

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