Edgar Hansen

Relief Skipper/Deckboss Deckboss and younger brother of Capt. Sig hansen, Edgar is a hard-working and conscientious taskmaster who expects his crew to act likewise. Edgar began fishing at age 18 and came into his own on the deck of the Northwestern after only a few seasons. When he first joined the boat, he took over the position of cook from Sig. To this day, Sig considers his brother to be one of the most talented fishermen on deck. Not only does he keep the crew well fed under the most trying conditions, he’s even been known to whip up a gourmet meal in short order. Over the past few years, he has also assumed the role of the boat’s chief engineer, which means he’s responsible for both the main and auxiliary engines, the hydraulic and fuel systems, as well as the sea water pumps. To keep the crabs coming and to maintain the Northwestern’s impressive safety record, Edgar can be tough on the crew. Yet he has a compassionate side and wants to see his crew succeed; In 2009, he sacrificed a portion of his own pay so that Jake Anderson could become a full-share deckhand. Edgar has a lot of respect for Sig’s authority as skipper, but he won’t hesitate to make it known when he thinks his brother needs to listen to his advice. Recently, Edgar has begun to physically break down under the pressures of the deck and prioritize his family at home over his catch at sea. Since there’s not much room to move up with Sig planted firmly in the wheelhouse, it’s becoming clear that Edgar has to make some major life decisions. Request Edgar Hansen for an Event   Bering Sea Brawn