Edgar Hansen

Relief Skipper/Deckboss

Relief Skipper, deckboss and younger brother of Capt. Sig Hansen, Edgar is a hard-working and conscientious taskmaster who expects his crew to act likewise.

Edgar began fishing at age 18 and came into his own on the deck of the Northwestern after only a few seasons. When he first joined the boat, he took over the position of cook from Sig.

When Edgar first came on the boat in the 80s, Sig described him as a “flunky” and not very dependable. But Edgar has successfully manned the deck of the Northwestern as deck boss/engineer for decades, proving to be a dependable #2. He’s got the aches, bruises, and ailments to prove it.

Last season, Edgar took over the boat for bairdi season, bringing his son, Erik, on board as a deckhand. Despite his concerns, Erik did not suffer any catastrophes on deck — but the same cannot be said for Edgar in the wheelhouse. Throughout the trip, the crew constantly questioned Edgar’s decisions, and tension mounted. The conflict came to a head when Mavar, fearing that Edgar would not suspend fishing during a dangerous storm, called Sig to undermine his authority.

Despite his strained relationships with the crew, Edgar dutifully returned to his role as deck boss/engineer for opies season while Sig helmed the wheel. When an electrical fire broke out in the engine room, it was Edgar who came to the rescue. He risked his life to staunch the flames and then worked tirelessly to reroute power, bringing the crippled vessel back to life.

As the new season approaches and Sig grapples with newfound health concerns, the pressure is on Edgar to shore up his brother’s faith in him, further step up in a leadership role, and prove himself in the captain’s chair.

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