Northwestern was christened in 1977 on this page you will see the original press release as well as it convereted into text from the original scans of the release.

Now as you read through this fine piece of history be aware that the specifications are of course from 1977 and unlike a certain captain who doesn’t like changes, some things are bound to have changed since the original release.

We’ve been asked many times of bringing back more photos and information regarding the “BIRTH” of “NORTHWESTERN”. For you reading enjoyment.

Shipyard Division                                                               November 5, 1977
2300 West Commodore Way
Seattle, WA 98199 U.S.A.
(206) 285-3200
Telex: 32-0098


SEATTLE — The fourth big crab boat constructed by Marine Construction  and Design Co. (MARCO) this year was christened Saturday (November 5) at the MARCO ship-yard on Seattle’s ship canal.

The 108-foot steel vessel was christened “Northwestern” by Mrs. Snifred Hansen wife of the owner and skipper, Sverre Hansen.

The “Northwestern” is the 44th vessel that MARCO has constructed for Alaskan fisheries since 1968. Five addition boats are on order for delivery starting in January.

Following the christening, Hansen will provision the “Northwestern” and make the week-long voyage to Alaska’s crab fishery waters, where the veteran fisherman will fish during the winter months near the Aleutian Islands and in the Bering Sea.

Hansen will be delivery his catches to Pacfici Pearl Seafoods in Dutch Harbor.

85 Tons of Live Crab

The “Northwestern” has three fish holds totalling 7,500 cubic feet of space to carry 85 tons of live crab in circulating seawater.

Propulsion is provided by a turbo-charged and after-cooled Caterpillar D398, producing 850 hp to drive a Coolidge 80-inch 3-blade stainless steel propeller. The vessel has two Caterpillar D3306 auxiliary engines for powering 135 kw generators.

Deck and fishing machinery of the all-hydraulic system designed by MARCO includes a MARCO crab pot hauler and pot dumping rack, and an 8-ton Rowe crane and a MARCO boom winch for handling the crab pots and cargo. Power for the deck machinery is transmitted through two MARCO two-pump hydraulic pump drives coupled to the two auxiliary engines.

Remote control consoles for operating the crane and boom winches are located on the main deck and on the fo’c’sle deck overlooking the pot storage area. And, a console with controls for the pot hauler and pot dumping rack is located on the fishing deck.

Navigation and communication equipment includs to Loran sets, two radars, recording depth sounder, depth indicator, autopilot with gyro compass, four radio and radio telephone sets, and a 4-station intercom. A wagner hydraulic steering sysem includes a wheel plus two jog steering stations.

The “Northwestern” is the 27th crabber and crabber/trawler, of 94 to 121 feet in length, that MARCO has delivered for crab fisheries in the Bering Sea and north Pacific. Other vessels MARCO has built for use in Alaskan waters include purse seiners, aluminum seine skiffs, and oil spill recovery vessels.


  • LOA:    108 feet
  • BEAM (maximum): 28 feet, 11 inches
  • DEPTH: 13 feet
  • DRAFT (full load): 14 feet, 6 inches
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 12 knots
  • POWER: 850 bhp continuous at 1225 rpm
  • FUEL CAPACITY (maximum): 46,000 gallons
  • FISH HOLDS (3): 7,500
  • COLOR: Hull and superstructure, white; trim, dark blue


  • DESIGN: Marine Construction & Design Co. (MARCO)
    Bruce O. Whittemore, chief of naval architecture
  • CONSTRUCTION: MARCO steel (Hull 342, Seattle)
  • DECK MACHINERY: Rowe 8-ton crane with winch
    MARCO W3000 crab boom auxiliary winch (with MARCO K0150 Brake)
    MARCO J0107 crab pot hauler
    MARCO doublt-acting crab pot hydraulic dumping rack
    MARCO A5041 anchor winch
    Cook bait chopper
  • MAIN ENGINE: Caterpillar D398 turbo-charged and after-cooled; coupled to Catepillar 7251 hydraulic 7251 hydraulic reverse/reduction gear
  • PROPELLER: Coolidge 80-inch 3-blade, stainless steel
  • STEERING: Wagner T-15 hydraulic with jog steering stations (2)
  • AUXILIARIES (2): Caterpillar D3306s turbo-charged for 135 kw generator (2) coupled to MARCO DP26 HPD hydraulic pimp drive (2)
  • SEA WATER SYSTEM: Deming 6M-4021 Centrifical pumps, Baldor 20 hp motors (3)
  • PILOT HOUSE ELECTRONICS: Krupp-Atlas #5000 60-mile radar, Krupp-Atlas #4100 48-mile radar, Krupp-Atlas Echograph #450F 800-fathom recording sounder, Raytheon DE726B 120-fathom depth indicator, Northern N571 SSB aux radion, Johnson 40-channel CB, Raytheon Model 250 4-station intercom, Sperry 8T Autopilot, Northern N-550 SSB radio telephone, (2) North Star 6000 Loran C Receivers, Hy-Gain #665 55 Channel VHF

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