North By Northwestern

Dear Friends,

Two years ago my brothers and I sat down to tell our family story. We wanted to capture the things that you don’t see on TV–how we grew up, what we learned from the guys on the water before us, and how we got to be where we are today. It’s also about the history of the Norwegians like my father and uncle who pioneered the crab industry. These guys were working the Bering Sea in wooden boats long before Norman and Edgar and I were born. Working with a writer, we spent more than a year digging up old stories, and interviewing dozens of relatives, friends, skippers, and fishermen. We looked up the earliest deckhands from the Northwestern, as well as Dad’s old buddies from the early days in Dutch Harbor, tracked them down in Seattle, Alaska, even Norway.

The result is our brand new book–North by Northwestern: A Seafaring Family on Deadly Alaskan Waters.

The book will hit the stores next Tuesday, March 30. I want to invite you today to take a special preview. We’ve posted the first chapter online, so you can read a free excerpt. Check it out:

We’re very proud of the book and hope that you like it.


Captain Sig

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