Alaska’s Fisheries by the numbers

The Alaska Dept of Labor just published their  November report ‘Alaska Economic Trends’ which follows and tracks as much as it can about its fisheries and workers.  It’s come out with a wealth of information on all of the 2007 fisheries.  for example, did you know:

  • Alaska is indeed still the #1 fishing state in the nation and has been since 1975.                 
  • The value of Alaska’s 2007 total harvest was 3.6 times the value of Massachusett’s harvest–which is the #2 fishing state.
  • Salmon related employment is the biggest, and for 2007 it was 3759 workers and the overall salmon harvest for 2007 was 950 million pounds valued at $417 million.
  • The total numbers for fishing industry workers for all of Alaska’s fisheries in 2007 was 54,000.

Interested in data on crab fisheries, halibut, salmon, and others?  Check out  Alaska’s Economic Trends

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