Alaska’s Highliners support our Country’s Bravest Men and Women – The Madigan Foundation

Sig will be attendance this June 19th for a benefit for the Wounded Warriors. For more information or to volunteer to help, call Mark Kandianis of Kodiak Fish Company 360-201-0757 or email:

Mark’s statement says it best, I just thought it was a worthy cause to let these warriors know we’re still thinking of them and we haven’t forgotten them. The TV coverage may have dwindled after the election but these guys are still walking around with lost limbs and scars that reflect a lifetime of misery and we want to let people know they didn’t do this for nothing.

Alaska’s Fishing Community Honors our Wounded Warriors
Friday, June 19 2009 at the Washington State Patrol Aviation Section Hangar
Olympia, Washington 1000 to 1400 PDT

What we are doing:

We are putting on an Alaska Seafood Buffet for 300 Wounded Warriors from Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis, Washington. There will also be Fly-bys of WWII T-6 aircraft with a missing man formation.  The Olympic Air Show sponsored
by the Olympic Flight Museum is held June 20-21 in Olympia.  Many pilots and volunteers who will participate in the air show will also be on hand to help with the buffet to honor our Wounded Warriors.

What you can do:

We are asking all Alaskan and Northwest Fishermen, their vendors, suppliers,  shipyards,  fish buyers, brokers, personnel, and any other organizations or individuals to please show your support for our military men and women  who have been  injured in the service to these United States.  There are many things in life we do for our own gratification; these are the men and women that give us that opportunity.

We need contributions of money or seafood for this event, and Remote Warrior Care Program sponsored by the Madigan Foundation of Fort Lewis, Washington. The Foundation places wounded, injured and ill warriors back into their hometowns to recuperate before being released from active military service or returned to active duty.   Approximately twelve warriors from  Alaska,  many from Washington state and the rest of the country are  presently in medical transition at Madigan Army Medical Center.

All donations are eligible for a 501 (c) 3 tax deduction and will receive a letter of acknowledgment from The Madigan Foundation. Contributions should be made to:
The Madigan Foundation for “Wounded Warriors Event” and mailed to
Madigan Foundation, P.O. Box 97215, Lakewood, WA 98497.

A donation of $500 gives the contributor a ticket for a drawing for a flight in a beautifully restored 1942 T-6 / SNJ-4 WWII Advanced Navy Trainer  N119 DP.


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