Amazing Catches of 2008

 Bob Greene saved a man’s life with his fishing pole early Thursday morning. Greene, 42, said he was drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for the sun to rise over the Kennebec River around 4:30 a.m. when he heard what he thought was a bird making noise in the distance.  He assumed it was a cormorant, and hoped it didn’t mean a day of battling birds while he tried to fish for stripers from the dock at the Hallowell boat landing.  “From the first time I heard (the noise) to when I actually got him, I had enough time to drink a large cup of coffee and start reading the paper,” he said…  Read more

Freddie, a 14-year-old cairn terrier, became disorientated in the fog while on a walk with his owner Jean Brigstock.  It slipped into the water as Mrs Brigstock, 73, searched for it but had no success and assumed he was hiding in a nearby holiday park.  However, Freddie was swimming against the tide, almost a mile out to sea.  He was only saved when the two fishermen spotted what they thought was an otter, went to investigate and saw the dog…  Read more

A class ring lost for decades in an East Texas lake is back with its owner after turning up in a fish caught the day after Thanksgiving.  Joe Richardson of Buna told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he wishes he knew “how many fish it’s been in.  “Richardson was fishing at Lake Sam Rayburn about two weeks after his 1987 graduation from Universal Technical Institute in Houston when he lost the ring…  Read more

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