Captain Phil Harris suffers stroke.

All of us at send all our thoughts and prayers to Phil and his family and crew.

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Source: Discovery Channel

“Phil Harris suffered a stroke while in port off-loading from the F/V Cornelia Marie. He has been transported to a medical facility and is receiving the best care possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and we will make more information available as we know it.”

From Morgan @ Jan 30, 2010

Captain Phil Harris suffered a stroke yesterday at St. Paul Island in Alaska. He was medivacked to Anchorage and is currently at a hospital receiving treatment.
I didn’t say anything earlier, so family can learn from us instead of through the internet. I know anybody who is reading this also cares about Phil, so we thought you should know as well.
Phil is at a good hospital and receiving the best care possible. My mother, Cornelia Marie Devlin and Jake Harris are with him at the hospital. Josh is staying on the boat to help the new relief skipper who is flying out there today. The boat is in the harbor now, but needs to be able to leave in case the ice shifts and moves in.
Our engineer Steve found Capt. Phil on the floor of his stateroom Friday. He was immediately taken to the clinic in St. Paul – the same place he was treated when he had a blood clot two years ago.
As soon as we receive more information about Phil, we will pass it on to you.

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