Captain Sig Wild Alaskan Seafood Products

We are proud to announce the launch of the Captain Sig line of Wild Alaskan Seafood. We are excited to bring a selection of great Wild Alaskan Seafood to your home.We have 6 different seafood entrees to select from. Captain Sig Battered Pollock, Captain Sig Battered Salmon, Captain Sig Salmon Burger, Captain Sig Popcorn Fish, Captain Sig Fish Stick, and Captain Sig Hidden Treasures.
All of our selections are certified sustainable.  All the fish are caught in Alaska and these packages carry the Marine Stewardship Counsel logo which recognizes this fishery as Sustainable. Please look for these in your local Supercenters. Sig wants to hear from you if you’ve purchased any of the products and wants to know your thoughts. So leave a comment. He may just have some Northwestern Gear for those fans who send in the best display of empty Captain Sig’s empty boxes in their kitchens. You can email him the photos here

Want to locate where Captain Seafood is? Wal-mart is carrying it in their selected test markets. You can view the list of locations here.



Captain Sig's Fish & Cheese Bites



Captain Sig Batteredd Salmon



Captain Sig Popcorn Fish


Captain Sig Salmon Burgers



Captain Sig Battered Pollock

Captain Sig Products

Captain Sig Products

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