F/V Northwestern Painting

F/V Northwestern painting by former fisherman and fan Wayne Enslow. … [Read more...]

Pixie Baker trys to butter up Sig and Crew

Pixie Baker is at it again with her Sig's Cinnamon-Filled, Spiced Cupcakes who keeps a list of reasons why she should be cooking … [Read more...]

Northwestern Halloween Cart

Nice Cart Ryan's! "Happy halloween!!! Attached are images from our Halloween night. Please enjoy. And pass them along to the … [Read more...]

Elissa sent us some pictures today from their 4 hour Adventure to meet Sig. You might remember Ashtyn from a previous post last … [Read more...]


Busy Reading

Jenn is busy reading today and unavailable via twitter. As far as we can tell she'll be AFK for a bit until she puts this GEM … [Read more...]

Northwestern Legend

Katrin sent this in awhile ago and we've been real busy cleaning house around the server and sorting and moving photos. … [Read more...]

Baby Sister Magie

Capt. Sig - My family came to visit me tonight, and we had Captain Sig Battered Pollock for dinner.  Here are some pictures of … [Read more...]

Captain and the Lobster

Austin Oaks from North Carolina on Halloween. Austin as Sig Hansen and his Dog Milo the Lobster. (They couldn't find a crab … [Read more...]

Matt's Biggest Little Fan

This comes to us today from Samantha Age 12. … [Read more...]

This is who we are – Fan Art

Katrin who has become one of our resident artists,  submitted this fan art in the other day. … [Read more...]