Science Project Northwestern

Sent in from a fan. My daughter (age 9) had to make a boat for a science unit on buoyancy, using things around the house (i.e. no … [Read more...]

Prayer For The Northwestern by Judge Bob Moon

Every so often we receive emails from people that really go out of their way for us. Judge Bob Moon is one of those people, not … [Read more...]

3 Kids and a Seafood Box

We love your show and your new seafood products! Here is a picture of our three kids with our empty Captain Sig Seafood boxes. The … [Read more...]

Another Lego Engineer

Hello My name is Filip. I am eight years old. I am from Poland in Gdynia by the sea. I like to watch the program Deadliest Catch … [Read more...]

Picture of Ashtyn of Green Bay, WI. A total Captain Sig fan. Loves to eat Crab. Ashty colored this crab after I traced it onto a … [Read more...]

First inspired by watching the Memorial Day special

Fresh from the Inbox on a Saturday no-less. I guess even artists work around the clock. Enjoy.  This is a drawing I made in honor … [Read more...]

From Spain

We received some new this art this morning all the way from a creative 7 year old in Spain with the original email, "mi hija tiene … [Read more...]

The Seattle Sketcher

deadliestcatch042509h, originally uploaded by Seattle Sketcher. … [Read more...]

Lego Northwestern

Legos always seem to come to us every year and block by block we're continually amazed by what people can build with them. This … [Read more...]

A year in the Aleutians and some time on your hands

We received this today from our friend and fan William. Here's what he has to say about his artwork. Having spent a year in the … [Read more...]