Boating Never Stops For ‘Deadliest Catch’ Fisherman

For Edgar Hansen, crab fishing is something he was born to do.

“I was born in Seattle and raised on a fishing boat,” he says.

One of the crab fishermen on the Discovery Channel’s hit docudrama “Deadliest Catch,” Edgar works as the deck boss on the ship his brother Sig captains, the Northwestern. But before his time working with his brothers – Norman works on the ship as well – he had to work his way up.

“My father was a fourth generation fisherman, migrated here from Norway, saved up all his money and ended up buying a boat,” Edgar says. “That boat sank, and the same thing that happened to his boat happened to us in the last season.”

But his father got another boat, the Northwestern, and that’s where Edgar started working at age 17.

“You start out as a greenhorn and you work your way up the ladder. Back then, in those days, you had to wait for someone to die or quit to work your way up the ladder,” he says.


About Laura Dicharia

An avid fan of Deadliest Catch I've been watching since the pilot episode. A member of the F/V Northwestern Forums since 2008, I was asked to come on board as a Moderator in 2011.


  1. I’ve been watching the show for eons now, and the Northwestern has always been my favorite boat, and Edgar my favorite crew member…
    I miss the fun they used to have though, with the “suggestion can” and other antics. It just seems to have gotten much too serious now. I miss the “good old days” I guess…

  2. When all is said and done and you can honestly say you’ve left this world a better place, you’ve done your job well. No matter the job. Knowing you’ve made someone happy by simply entering the room makes coming home at the end of a long day, worth every penny ever earned.

  3. been watching the show from day one,, awesome job guys on the F/V Northwestern, indeed my favorite crew and boat

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