‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen: ‘Every Time We Leave The Dock With A Full Load Of Pots, I’m Afraid’

Sig Hansen has been captain of the crab-fishing vessel Northwestern for almost 20 years, and he and his boat have starred on the Discovery Channel’s Emmy-winning reality show “Deadliest Catch” for all 8 seasons. In this candid interview, the captain — widely regarded as one of the crab industry’s top providers — reveals his deepest fear (and no, it isn’t his boat sinking).

My first question for you is, what’s your definition of “fearless”?
It’s overcoming. That’s all it is. Pushing through.

What makes you fearless?  Well, I never really looked at myself as fearless, to be quite honest. But it seems like the older I get, the luckier I even feel to be here. So I guess if we’re going to call it “fearless,” then that’s what it is. There’s been many times where you look back and you think to yourself, How in the heck did we manage? How did we get through that?


From Huffingtonpost.com By Elizabeth Kuster

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  1. In my misspent youth I spent my summers crewing on trollers in Southeast and seiners in Kodiak.  I used to tell myself if anybody offered me a job on a Bering Sea crabber, I would tell him to take a flying f___ at a rolling donut.  Let’s face it, I was afraid of it.  I probably would have had a different opinion if I could have seen boats and skippers  in action.  Or not.

    I worked for a lot of different skippers, some uptight, some screamers, some good fishermen, some lousy fishermen.  I’ll tell you right now I would feel very lucky to be working for the likes of Sig Hansen.  He gives a damn about his crew, and what’s more, he catches crabs.  This is very important to a crew member, who is working for a percentage of the catch.  They might have more fun on the Time Bandit, but who in hell signs up for the fun?

  2. You’re an honest man Sig! I’ve been at sea for 40 years and I don’t know how the hell I survived some situations. You’ve got to nurse ’em through the really rough stuff!

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