Despite Struggling With Work Onboard the Northwestern Jake Persevered

The untimely death of Captain Phil Harris in February 2010 rocked the entire “Deadliest Catch” community, but none more so than his sons Josh and Jake.

After the Harris boys were financially unable to put their father’s boat in the water they both signed on with other crews. Josh joined “Time Bandit,” and Jake joined “Northwestern” with his dad’s old friend Captain Sig Hansen.

Jake was finding the loss particularly hard, and he kept his dad’s ashes with him in an urn. “I carry him around everywhere,” he said. “I miss him.”

However, despite struggling with the work onboard “Northwestern” Jake persevered, and Hansen said approvingly: “I’m sure Phil would be real proud of him.”

From HuffPost TV.  Watch the video HERE.


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  1. As of this week’s episode, it appears to me that Jake is back smoking pot.

  2. anneniermann says:

    hang in there jake all will work out in it’s own time.

  3. i just love those Harris boys. i feel there pain. i myself have lost my mom and dad in the past 3 years. you just feel lost. 

  4. keep up the great work Jake, I hope you and Josh are able to get the CM going soon if that is what you want 🙂

  5. Doug Bonds says:

    I must have missed more than I thought. I was under the impression they only partly owned the boat and the actual Cornelia financed the op. I had no idea they’d left the boat and gone on to other crews. Who’s fishing the CM, if anyone?

  6. Loosing a dad is real hard guys.  Take one day at a time and all the best in everything you guys do. Both the boats you are on have awesome skippers so you couldnt be in better hands.  Dad would be proud.

    Thinking of you both,

    Kevin and Katrina Williams – Diehard fans from Auckland New Zealand

  7. Lori Bee says:

    Jake has really grown up and I’m glad he is doing well on the NW

  8. jakes accomplishments are to commended.  all the luck in the world to jake an josh. jake, remember who you are and don’t look back in the past, just move forward and do the best you can. god bless you, josh and to all the crews. 

  9. Stay strong Jake, we’re all pulling for you.  🙂

  10. Left_Coast_Transplant says:

    Good maybe he’s finally grown a pair and become a man.  I guess we’ll find out how much whining there was as the show progresses.

    • Now if only you would grow a brain and stop being so insolent.

      • Left_Coast_Transplant says:

        I guarantee you that I’d blow you out of the water as far as who’s got more smarts so you just hush up now and go back to your latte’ and Harry Potter book.

  11. fisherman_49 says:

    hi all,,i must say those boys have come a long way and overcame huge obsticles,,but the loss of a parent is so harsh and devastating and i just lost my mom and took me some time to clear my head but those two boys are strong like i said and maybe one day they could spread those ashes over one of phil’s hotspots and close a little piece of mind,but always remember their wonderful father,,,the best to both of you and josh i am proud of you of what you have achieved in the last little while ! good luck to you both and god bless,,i will always watch you guys go crabbing,hopefully in your dads boat soon…Ricky.Green,Lloydminster,alberta,

  12. Jake seems to be handling all the things that life has thrown at him much better.  He appears more focused, and open to learning.  Good to see that he has a good handle on the demons he was facing before his Fathers death.  So glad that he found a home on the F/V Northwestern.  Sig and his crew are good people to have around.  Hard working, but a good family.  Wishing you all the luck Jake!!!  Keep up the good work..

    • Look at his body posture and the blank look on his face before you shout about how well he has “conquered the demons”. The relief Captain on the Cornelia Marie was spot on about WHO was using the drugs while at sea.

  13. I hope Jake keeps up the hard work and has gotten drugs behind him.

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