If it Ain’t Hell, They Ain’t Happy

New blood, old wounds and rivalries that never die. For some it’s a season of change; for others, a chance to make a name for themselves, but some things remain constant: the perilous, icy waters of the Bering Sea and most dangerous job in the world. After a record breaking, heartbreaking season last year, the Emmy award-winning DEADLIEST CATCH returns to Discovery Channel, Tuesday, April 12 at 9 pm ET/PT.
All the captains are back to do what they do best: fish for crab, with a one hundred million dollar reward on the line. But, this season, one challenge after another seems to rock each boat to its core. In the end, all the captains will come to the realization that the most violent storms come from within.
In the New Season, the dark clouds and long shadow of their father’s death still hang heavy on sons Josh and Jake Harris but now they need to show the rest of the fleet that they can come back and step it up as co-owners of the Cornelia Marie.
After briefly auditioning successors in the wheelhouse of the Time Bandit last season, Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand are center stage again with no intention of stepping down but they soon find their lucky streak in crabbing could be coming to an end.
Over on the Northwestern, Captain Sig Hansen is still left guessing if his brother Edgar is committed to sticking with the family business. And the usually steady and reliable, Captain Keith Colburn gambles and ventures into uncharted fishing grounds hoping for a big payoff for the Wizard.
Two new boats join the fleet this season. Dubbed “the floating frat house,” the Ramblin’ Rose introduces a young, rowdy crew skippered by Elliot Neese, all of 28 years old, and already boasting about his fishing prowess. Seabrooke Captain Scott Campbell Jr., 36, adds youth and cockiness as well but behind the steely confidence, Junior is still haunted by the loss of a deckhand at sea. Can he battle back and conquer his demons?


  1. Lori H-Smith says:

    Season 7 was one Hell of a rough & hard season on everyone,even the people out here watching the Deadliest Catch.There are some of us that really can feel the intense pain,anquish,Anger,stressed-out type of feeling as all of you have.Although,we may not be there,but we certainly relate to what each of you have to go through.As I have every Season I’ve watched,including some pilots before the Series began back in 2002 was the first one.I also, experienced some of what all of you go through some 26yrs. ago while i did myself 4- seasons on a Trawler out in the Gulf OF Mexico.I do know it doesn’t ice over as the Breing Sea does,but we do still have Hurricanes,high winds,20 to 40 foot waves,water spoutscome-up without a warning,& during the winter time we do get some ice but thin ice at that.I know these things.I’ve went out on the water here,during our Christmas Boat Parades in Kemah,Texas.This is done going by The Kemah Boardwalk.So,I do know some what,what all of you Guys of the whole Fleet have to go through.I really do Give A Dam about each of you,althoughI’ve never seen really any of you show me the kind of Respect as
    I’ve shone all of you all of these 7 Seasons.I’m not including our Capt.Phil Harris in on this at all,he did show me Caring,Respect & I can say some Love as well while he was still with us.
    I just needed for All Of You Guys to know,there is still something there for all of you.Something simliar to like Brothers,Cousins<&Sons.So,this is what I summed up for Season 7 of Deadliest Catch.God Bless All Of You & Your Families.I've said alot of Prayers for all of you as all of you go through King & Opilio Crab Seasons year after year.I also ponder the fact is that all of you really don't see in me as I see in all of your Personalities.Just Please!! get in touch with me some way before going out for King Crab Season.I left every
    contact with your Office!! God Bless All.Always,Lori H-Smith   16th. Sept.2011

  2. Jeannie56 says:

    Will you be doing another season for t v ? When?

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