Weather Still making it Difficult to fish!

According to My Ballard, weather is still making it hard to go out to fish.  Some fishermen, like Ryan Minvielle, has returned home to wait it out.  The Cascade Mariner, for one, has stayed in Dutch to take care of maintenance on their boats.

Some of the boats have been docked since the end January and are ready to get back to Fishing.

You can find the full story at Here!





  1. G/DAY SID, I cant wate for you to come back on tv. With all the captains i hopeeveryone had asafe trip and a good year. Ihope you got my card that i sent you last year. WILL J.

  2. g/day SID,  I cant wate for you to come back on tv.  With all the captains I hope everyone had a safe trip and a good year.I hope you  got my card i sent last year. WILL J.

  3. Sig, I hope all goes well as you plan..I’d love to have a chat with you on email or by cell..send me a message at my email..thanks…

  4. i sure do miss watching you’r show and i hope sometime that you will be on soon.captain sig my son liked watching you the best he even watched the rerun’s. he past away 3 years ago of cancer and all he did was telling his nurse’s all about you and how good you were.

  5. Captain Sig kick ass and chew bubble gum just don’t run out of bubble gum.See you and your crew and the Northwestern soon.

  6. Captain Sig hope you and your crew can get back to fiseing 
    soon hope to see you soon good lock and kick ass Sig.

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