A Different Start to the Season – Heading Out to Tender

The Northwestern left for Alaska on Sunday June 1st.   Norm accidently missed the boat! Norm and Samantha drove like crazy to meet the boat in Neah Bay….some of you may have seen the boat veer off the outgoing course on the AIS and head into Neah Bay. Jake came from the Northwestern in the skiff to pick Norm up at the dock there. There was a warm welcome for both Norm and Jake and many people came down to the docks to see the famous Northwestern and get a chance for photos with Norm and Jake. The folks around the wharf area were delighted to have a surprise visit from the guys! CT6I0438CT6I0443 They try to head back out to the boat but the motor on the skiff refused to start! They had to be towed to the Northwestern.  They have a project to work on while they head north. CT6I0486CT6I0513   photo credits: Samantha M.

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Deadliest Catch had me hooked from day 1 and I am delighted for the entire fishing community as it has educated the world on not only crab fishing but has opened doors for exposure to other fisheries.

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