Fish and Game Expresses Concerns About Granting a Season Extension

Just when you thought you knew the ins and outs of fishing for Opies.

Sea ice is wreaking havoc on the Bering Sea snow crab harvest for the second time this season. It happened in a single day.  The ice was way up north, fishing was good, and then overnight the ice was everywhere, covering up pots, blocking harbors and generally causing problems for the crabbers. National Weather Service ice forecaster Becky Legatt says the Bering Sea ice edge moved south more than 50 miles in a single day last week, effectively shutting down the fishing grounds.

“Just the northerly push this year.  The ice is so thick out there that if we get any kind of northerly component to the winds that’s sticking around for a little bit of time, it’s pushing that ice south, covering up all the crab grounds.” The ice wasn’t thin either. Up near St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs, Legatt says the ice reached two feet thick in places. “Looking at our records that date back 27 years, if you’re looking at the records from January to the end of February, this is the most persistent ice pack we’ve had at St. Paul and St. George.”



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