Love Deadliest Catch!

Hello Sig,


I’ve been watching the Deadliest Catch marathon most of the day today. I’m always on my FB page doing one thing or another and decided to look up Captain John. Then I looked up your page and posted a comment…then I saw you had an email address posted, so here I am! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the show and have been a fan since season one. I was so sad when Captain Phil passed away ~ I’m in the medical field, (rehab) and I know all too well how devastating strokes can be. I so enjoyed watching Phil and the crusty but loving relationship he had with Josh and Jake. I know they will miss him forever and that makes me sad. I know you loved him too and believe it or not, many fans grieve his passing too. The show isn’t the same without him so I can imagine how different it must be for you and all the guys. You, Phil, and John have always been my favorite captains to watch on the show. I think you’re an amazing fisherman….maybe it’s the creative editing of the show, but you always seem to get tons of crab (and I love crab)! The Northwestern is an impressive boat to be sure. I used to go Halibut fishing a lot when I lived in Los Angeles and I miss it. It was always fun to be on the sea, but I wouldn’t last two hours on a crab boat (sissy for sure). I hope you and the Northwestern are around for many more seasons and if you ever do a meet-and-greet in Northern California, I’d love to say hi in person. – Dorinda




I saw this on the web:


I fish a place like no other place on Earth you will ever find.

A place where the hard work, danger and nature should reflect a man’s worth.

I fish a place where the hours are long and sleep is the rarest of all.

A place where even the strong stumble and fall.

I fish countless hours, pulling countless pots.

A place where the memories of her back home bring on countless thoughts.

I fish a place where the weather can turn in the blink of an eye.

A place where some will get hurt and some will die.

I love this place and the pride given me.

You see, very few people on the face of this Earth can say they have fished the Bering Sea.






Stay safe Skipper,



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