NWWC May 23: Edgar Hansen in studio

**UPDATE: Listen Now At Northwestern TV **

edgarNWWC May 23: Edgar Hansen in studio this Saturday as “Deadliest Radio” continues

We’re thinking about changing the name of the show to “NORTHWESTERN Wild Country”. As in F/V Northwestern. As in, another member of the most popular television show on cable, Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch”.Last week, Northwestern skipper Sig Hansen visited the Wild Country. This week, it’s the Northwestern’s deck boss: Edgar Hansen LIVE IN STUDIO from 7 to 8 a.m! CALL IN!!! – Got “Deadliest Catch” questions? LET’S HEAR ‘EM!! Stow these numbers away:

(800) 829-0950 or (206) 286-9595

Northwest Wild Country Radio

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