Pixie Baker trys to butter up Sig and Crew

Sig's Cinnamon-Filled, Spiced Cupcakes

Pixie Baker is at it again with her Sig’s Cinnamon-Filled, Spiced Cupcakes who keeps a list of reasons why she should be cooking on a crab boat. You may remember her Northwestern dedicated cookies Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies that look fantastic—and no she didn’t send the web boss any of these cookies in order to appear on the site. Not that it would have been a bad thing. 🙂 Here’s a tidbit from Valerie below.

This post, along with it’s Jupiter-sized cookies, is dedicated to crew of the F/V Northwestern…and to anyone who may know them. Am I above using chocolate chip cookies as bargaining tools to draw in new visitors? Not at all. And trust me, these are the the best kind of bargaining chips you can find. Instead of breaking teeth, these will only leave a massive crack in any potential diet plans to wear a bikini this summer.

Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Allow me to butter you up first by describing the cookies. As you can see, they are massive. Thanks to that buxom circumference, there are large amounts of chocolate and nuts (if you so desire) in every bite. But what about that ever important element, the texture? No worries. These chocolate chip Frisbees are heart breakingly soft and chewy. Can you see how thick they are? Normally cookies this thick are too cakey. But these are magic cookies. They have a slight cakiness that is so rapidly overtaken by the gooey chunks of chocolate, you won’t even notice, or care. I also added an Une Gamine staple by substituting pure almond extract for vanilla. This, along with the density, offers an almond paste-like flavour. Undeniably addicting. If these were handed out to teenagers, they would be waving around whisks and spatulas at rave parties.

If you want to see more and all her great stuff visit here at http://pixie-baker.blogspot.com

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