Prayer For The Northwestern by Judge Bob Moon

Every so often we receive emails from people that really go out of their way for us. Judge Bob Moon is one of those people, not only did he write a poem for Northwestern he also laminated it and sent copies to us here at Northwestern Brothers Marketing. Now of course one hangs in wheelhouse of Northwestern.


Judge Bob Moon

Judge Bob Moon

Judge Bob Moon, is a General Sessions Court Judge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is also an avid fan of Captain Sig Hansen and the crew of the Northwestern. Judge Moon has a long history of off shore fishing primarily in the Gulf of Mexico and has weathered high seas and gale force winds personally. Understanding the dangers of off shore fishing, especially in the Bering Sea, he was inspired to write the poem, “Prayer of the Northwestern,” for Captain Sig and crew. Judge Moon said, “I suppose that if there is magic on earth, it is in the sea. The per centage of salt content in most seas is the same percentage as the salt content in a man’s body. There has been a long and historical connection between men and the sea. I suppose there always will be.”

The Judge concluded, “I wrote the poem primarily for the “Northwestern,” but the first verse is for all captains and crews who make their living on the seas and oceans throughout the world. I very much appreciate what these brave men do, and I am very honored to be on board with them in the spirit of the prayer.”


Judge Moon’s Poem Is Now Part Of “Northwestern” Sea Vessel

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