Q-and-A With Captain Sig From ‘The Deadliest Catch’

Itemizer-Observer staff reporter Craig Coleman interviewed Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern, of the “Deadliest Catch” on Monday by telephone from his Seattle home. Here are highlights from their question-and-answer session:

The show is now finishing its eighth season. Why do you believe it’s clicked with viewers?

It snowballed and we never expected it to become what it has, I don’t think (Discovery Channel) expected it. I think people are just in awe over the work ethic of the guys and the conditions that they have to work in. There’s the competition angle (between boats) as the years have progressed and I think people are actually fond now of the people on the program. People feel like they know you; anywhere I go, people will say `Hi!’ and I don’t know if they’re a friend or a fan.

How do you think Deadliest Catch has impacted the crab fishing industry as a whole?

You can’t buy this kind of advertising for your fleet. The price of crab has never been so high, which is good for us … when my dad started fishing, they were getting 8 or 9 cents a pound for crab; we saw more than $11 per pound for king crab last year. And I think people have a greater appreciation for how the food gets to their table and there’s a greater respect for all fishermen. It’s popular all over the world, I mean, there are like 200 countries watching the show. I think the blue-collar guy has finally gotten his credit, too, not just us, but anybody who’s a working stiff.


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