Episode Two – Red Skies in the Morning

 EPISODE TWO — Tuesday, April 21 at 9 PM (ET/PT)

The boats have encountered low crab numbers creating even more tension among the crew. When the fleet wakes up to ominous red dawn skies, the captains speculate that a severe storm is on the way. But with crab quota to catch, the boats keep fishing. The Time Bandit hits pay dirt, while the Cornelia Marie strikes out. When 20-foot seas and high winds kick up — even the bravest skippers call in their men to wait out the storm. One boat, with 11 souls on board, sends out a Mayday. In an all too familiar scene, the Coast Guard launches rescue helicopters, and the skippers stay glued to their radios — anxiously awaiting news of the fate of their fellow fishermen.

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