Save Bristol Bay

Pebble Mine advocates call for boycott of Seattle restaurants serving wild salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska. As food blogger Ronald Holden put it, “Are they crazy?”

Here’s the dish: a media firestorm erupted this week because thirteen of Seattle’s finest seafood restaurants stepped up in support of protecting Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery (where I got my own start as a salmon fisherman) from the proposed Pebble Mine by serving and featuring Bristol Bay salmon on their menus.
In response to the positive press coverage of this Bristol Bay salmon promotion (part of Trout Unlimited’s Savor Bristol Bay campaign), there was a backlash from the Pebble folks, namely from the Truth About Pebble’s Board Member, Gail Phillips, who called for a boycott of these restaurants and from the Pebble Partnership’s CEO, John Shively, who denounced the chefs as a bunch of yuppie foodies from the big city who don’t know anything about how hard it is to live in rural Alaska. Little did Gail and John realize that they would feed the fire and help get the story in the New York Times, the LA Times, the Seattle Times, Seattle PI, the Washington Post, the Anchorage Daily News, and over 200 other media outlets. Here is today story in the Seattle PI:  Save the salmon by eating salmonIMG_0258_2

I know where I’ll be eating dinner tonight, one of the thirteen Seattle restaurants serving wild salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Those restaurants include: Art of the Table, Chiso, Emmer & Rye, Flying Fish, Persimmon, Ponti Seafood Grill, Rover’s Restaurant, Steelhead Diner, Tilth Restaurant, Tilikum Place Cafe, The Pike Brewing Co., Palace Kitchen and Etta’s Seafood.

Join me in supporting Alaska’s commercial fishermen and Seattle’s chefs and restaurants by voting with your fork and Savoring Bristol Bay!


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