9/12 8PM, Sig Hansen & Friends with Edgar and Jake

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 – Doors Open: 7:00PM | Showtime: 8:00PM

Fresh off of the 9th season of Discovery Channel’s hit reality TV show Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen, along with his friends and crew, shares stories and videos of fishing in the dangerous waters of the Pacific North West. The audience is invited to ask questions about the crew’s experiences on the water and will learn what it takes to survive one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

CAPTAIN SIG HANSEN born in Seattle, Washington is the first generation from his family born in the United States. He is a fourth generation fisherman and one of the featured Captain’s on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. Sig is the oldest of three boys, their father Sverre Hansen was one of the pioneers in the Alaskan King Crab fishery in Alaska and the builder of the family boat, Northwestern.

After graduating from high school, he began fishing year-round, spending on average 10 months per year in Alaska. At 22, Sig started relieving captains on the Northwestern. This job is known as a “relief skipper.” As one of the youngest captains in the fleet Sig knew he had to either show results or get replaced. He opted for results. By 26, he began serving full time as the Captain of the Northwestern. Over the years, the Northwestern has been a top producer with an excellent safety record. The Northwestern has never had any loss of life or serious injuries in the history of its operation and Captain Sig is proud of being able to carry on that flawless record started by his father and for over the last 20 years he has delivered not only the crab but doing so safely. Sig considers this his greatest accomplishment for one of the world’s most dangerous occupations in the world.

Currently, Captain Sig is the Captain and Co-owner of the Northwestern. Co-owned by his two brothers Edgar Hansen serves as the Deck Boss and Norman Hansen serves aboard as deck hand. Sig lives in Seattle with his wife, June and their two children.

CAPT. EDGAR HANSEN is the youngest Hansen brother on the fishing vessel Northwestern, featured on Discovery Channel’s top rated show “Deadliest Catch”, Edgar has been featured on the show since the series started airing nine years ago. He began fishing at age 18 and came into his own on deck after only a few seasons. He is known as the “Deck Boss” (an informal title given to the senior man on the fishing deck).

“Edgar is one of the most talented men on deck”, according to his brother Capt. Sig Hansen. When Edgar joined the Northwestern, it took a few years to climb the “ranks” and get full share pay, but with more pay comes more responsibility. How true that was as Edgar took over the helm of the wheelhouse several times during the 2012/2013 crab season. Edgar has also become the Chief Engineer onboard the Northwestern during the past few years. He maintains all of the machinery onboard and is the ” GO-TO” guy on deck. If there’s a problem the guys bring it to his attention, either for advice or for him to fix. Edgar says that these boats are like floating cities. Your dependent on your own systems, electrical, pumps, hydraulics, mechanical, you need to know how to maintain them to stay alive. Looking towards the 2013/2014 season may offer Capt. Edgar Hansen more time in the wheelhouse!

A fourth generation fisherman, Jake Anderson has always lived close to the sea. Born in Forks, Washington, he grew up in the fishing town of Anacortes, Washington, surrounded by generations of fishermen. Raised in this rich environment, Jake took to the sea at an early age with his uncle Brian Mavar. At 17 he was fishing salmon off Bristol Bay in Alaska, at 20 he was on a trawler processor and at 25 he began pot fishing. Just one year later, he became a greenhorn on the F/V Northwestern where he was a key part of the hit television series The Deadliest Catch. His personality and charisma carried throughout the series, as he went from greenhorn to full-share deckhand, and just recently was promoted to Deckboss, under Captain Sig Hansen. Viewers watched Jake grow into the role, and though his responsibilities increased greatly over a few years, he never lost his sense of wonder about the Bering Sea. Now an integral part of the Northwestern, Jake has grown into one of the show’s major characters, weathering life struggles and the passing of loved ones like his other mentor, Captain Phil Harris, with depth and maturity. He speaks the taciturn language of his fellow fishermen, but is known also for being able to explain the ins-and-outs of the treacherous world of Alaskan crab fishing to the viewers. In 2010 Jake obtained his USCG Mate 1600-ton fishing license and Master 100-ton license with the goal of becoming captain of his own ship some day soon.

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