Sig Hansen

Source: Times Online
Author: Danny Scott

At 39, Sig Hansen is captain of the Northwestern, one of the most successful crab boats fishing the perilous Bering Sea. It is regarded as one of the world’s deadliest jobs; over 50 men are lost from the fleet every year. Hansen lives in Seattle with his wife, June, and two children, Nina, 14, and Mandy, 10DSC00255 Dip Net

There’s no daily shower on board because of the limited water supply, so you basically live in the same underwear for as long as you’re out there. After a while, you don’t even notice the smell.

I make sure the crew gets a decent breakfast on the first day. Those guys are going to be doing serious physical work for maybe a week or two — they deserve to live like kings once in a while. We might have omelette and eggs benedict, meat and potatoes, maybe some left-over goulash. This is probably the last time we’re all going to sit down and relax together for a while, so I also like to do a pep talk and get the guys psyched up.

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