The Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen on Miami Heat, Reality Show Fame, and Stress Relief

Captain Sig Hansen of Discovery’s The Deadliest Catch is a man. A real man.

After all, he faces unrelenting storms, 900-pound swinging crab pots and arctic temperatures for a living — a rare find in this modern world where the biggest workplace danger is carpal tunnel.

Deadliest Catch isn’t just a clever title – 129 per 100,000 Alaskan fishermen die on the job annually, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Rough statistics. And crab fishing is the most perilous of all.

During a brief respite from his on-board duties, Captain Hansen is making his way to South Florida on August 25 for an appearance at Seminole Hollywood Casino.

Cultist caught up to ask him about his upcoming trip, handling the heat, and how he relieves stress when risking life and limb.


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