The King of Crabs

As a Rutgers College undergraduate, I remember trolling for jobs through the student newspaper, The Daily Targum. The classifieds were a popular destination, and among the apartments for rent, band members needed, and coupons for happy hours, one advertisement always stood out: “Earn $5-10k this summer crabbing in Alaska”. I contemplated pursuing that exotic adventure, but my courage bowed to more practical obligations such as graduating on time or working additional hours at my current part-time job for extra bucks.

Flash forward several years to those Red Lobster commercials urging viewers to taste its succulent king crabs. The hearty white chunks of crabmeat bursting from those crimson shells were Alaska’s version of seafood’s Holy Grail. When the actors dipped those chunks in butter and sprinkled them with lemon juice, I, like many were sold: “Come on, let’s go to Red Lobster.”

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