The loneliest place holds, The deadliest catch in the sea

The title says it all and those words are just a sample of the lyrics. Karen Loveless sent us a great email the other day included a song she wrote with Bill Tozier who also performs the song.

Karen Loveless

Karen Loveless

She was inspired to write the song after watching the fisherman day in and day out risk their lives. Her lyrics capture the essence of the show. She wants fans and crew to know it was written out of respect for all crab fisherman and the Captains of the Bering Sea.  Karen and Bill wrapped production of the song just two weeks ago and Sig took a listen to it this morning. Sig’s comment, “brought a tear to my eye..”  Now Shut Up and Go take a listen!



The story behind the scenes of the song “The Deadliest Catch” in the writers own words:

 Karen:  The idea of this song was spawned when watching the show “The Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel.When watching the crab fishermen crews and captains I thought “I have to write a song about what life is like when catching the Deadliest Catch of the sea” I sent my ideas off to my friend of mine Bill Tozier, and asked him if he would like to Co- write such a song with me. Much to my delight, Bill accepted the offer, and together our song was born.

Bill Tozier

Bill Tozier

Bill: When Karen contacted me last summer to see if I was interested in a writing project about crab fishermen it was easy to get on board. Karen provided some great ideas for the song and thoughts on the dangers of the job. I could tell from her writing she was truly inspired….it was contagious. It helps that I live in Maine where we have some tough winters, with lots of wind, water, ice and snow. We have similar climate conditions, so there’s lots of inspiration up here.

Karen: Bill and I discussed issues that we thought were important. We wanted to bring to light the dangers of this job, as well as, explain to others what this world of “Crab Fishing” is all about. We both took sometime to watch many episodes of the show and we tried the best we knew how as songwriters to tell this story as close to the fishermen and captains point of view. We intently focused on their words, their thoughts, and tried to tell the story of their lives as we heard it and watched it on television.

Bill: I tried to imagine how I would feel if I were sailing out of Dutch Harbor and seeing wooden crosses on a hill reminding me of past crew members who may have been lost and how the start of another fishing season would honor all of those who came before…it’s in part about honor and the journey with brothers. …and I am sure right back to reality when the anchor breaks loose in the middle of a storm!

Karen: We wrote this song out of respect for all fishermen, captains, and their families who walk this road in life. To let them know, that others are in complete awe of their profession. To be able to watch fishermen risk their lives for the Deadliest Catch of the sea certainly enlightened me to a world that I was not familiar with until I saw the television show.

Scott Joyce, Co-Producer and Owner of Scotts Demo Shop

Scott Joyce, Co-Producer and Owner of Scotts Demo Shop

Scott: When Bill Tozier and Karen Loveless came to me with this song I knew it was special because the lyrics were so focussed and the music had a timeless quality to it already. All I had to do was stay out of the way! I wanted to represent as many elements of the fishing industry and the folks who work in it in the instrumentation and production. The long history was represented with the fiddle. The dangerous nature of the song is represented by the distorted guitar. The dobro represents the element of loneliness a crew-member may feel. The vocal by co-procucer Bill Tozier was perfect and I think captured the spirit of excitement and of a good story about to be told. I hope the song reaches the ears and hearts of the brave and adventurous people risking their lives and making a living out there on the water.

Karen: As we were working on the song, Capt. Sig Hansen came to mind often. When we wrapped the song up in production, I sent Capt. Hansen an email and I asked him if we could send him a song that was written for all crab fishermen, Capt Hansen agreed to listen to our song. Because of Capt. Hansen’s kindness, and because of his fondness for our song, that is how we are able to share our song with you.

It was an honor to write such a song for these brave souls, we will forever be grateful to them for the service they provide, and I can assure you, I will never look at crab the same way!

Bill: It was not hard to find inspiration for a song about this profession…those men have to get the job done in some of the most severe conditions on earth and return safe to their families….God speed captains and crew!

Karen: We hope you enjoy the song. If it touches you the same way it did us, then we as songwriters have done our job.


They have the song online over at broadjam. You can go shut up and listen HERE


Song Title: The Deadliest Catch
Written By: Karen Loveless & Bill Tozier
Music and Performance: Bill Tozier
Produced By: Scott Joyce/Bill Tozier
Copyright: ASCAP
Direct Link To Song Page —– > LINK

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