The McClay Family

Laura sent us some photos from their recent meet up with the guys. She also wrote this poem as well.

The Northwestern
By Laura McClay

Sig gets mad and pisses and groans
Edgar watch out he’ll send you to your room to cry and moan
Don’t get caught with the pinchers
Cause you’ll need to get some stichers.

Let the ice fall where it may,
But don’t forget to clear it away.

Edgar makes dummies that falls to the bow
And he’s sent to the kitchen to make lots of chow.

Matt and Jake bicker and fight
But they always make up in time for the crabs to come in for the night.

Oh we won’t forget Norm who’s quiet as a mouse.
He fixes engines on the boat in the engine house.

We love you Northwestern crew
But watch out Johnathan might catch up to you.


Jake, Norman, Mom, Chris & Me

Jake, Norman, Mom, Chris & Me





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