The Plum Cove – Playground Event -UPDATED

Sig with the kids from Plum Cove Charity Event

Sig with the kids from Plum Cove Charity Event

 After a successful fund-raiser the kids themselves wanted to be heard. For your enjoyment are some of the comments from the students. These thank you messages were written by 2nd graders at Plum Cove. The spelling is unchanged


  • Sig is a man whose heart is as BIG as the Bering Sea.

  • We are grateful for his help. As you can see he did MUCH MORE than help build a playground!

  • Thank you Captain Sig Hansen for raising money for our playground . . .

  • You have taught us to help people we don’t know.

  • I know you don’t do this alot but thank you if it wert for you we would not have a finished playground.

  • Deadliest Cach Rocks! p.s. I love your show!

  • You have taught me a lesson to help other people.

  • Thank you for taking your time to help our school even though we are strangers, p.s. Your the best captain.

Sig Hansen, captain of the f/v Norwestern featured on the Discovery Channel Show “The Deadliest Catch” will be making a public appearance to benefit the Plum Cove playground on Sunday, June 1st at the Gloucester House Restaurant.

We are trying to raise $10,000 to rebuild our playground . We are a few thousand dollars away from our goal. If we reach the $10,000 milestone, then we will receive a corporate match of $10,000

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