TV’s Alaska fishermen talk of high-seas work

alaska_t350‘Deadliest Catch’ captains, crew tape post-fishing-season show in S.D.
By David Hasemyer, Union-Tribune Staff Writer
2:00 a.m. June 10, 2009

PACIFIC BEACH – For every macho couch potato who wants to live the life of crab boat fisherman Phil Harris, the perpetually angry captain on the reality TV hit “Deadliest Catch,” Harris has this advice: Don’t do it.

“You haven’t got what it takes,” Harris said yesterday with a mix of disdain and empathy for adventure-seeking amateurs. Harris and the four other captains of the crab boats featured in the popular Discovery Channel series left the rough seas off Alaska for a round table at RT’s Longboard Grill in Pacific Beach this week. The captains are in San Diego until tomorrow taping a companion segment called “After the Catch,” which will begin airing Tuesday following the weekly installment of “Deadliest Catch.” Sig Hansen, the Seattle-based captain with Nordic good looks, is here. So is Johnathan Hillstrand, a resident of Homer, Alaska, with intense eyes and a rough-hewn nature.

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