UK Pollack to be Renamed ‘Colin’

J Sainsbury, the UK’s largest seafood marketer is planning to change the name Pollack to ‘Colin’.  Pollack is related to Cod but Colin is a French word for Hake and it just so happens that France is very fond of UK Pollack and is one of the biggest purchasers of the fish.

In the U.S.,  Pollack sales in the form of fish sticks are now outselling the Cod version of the same product and the trend is expected to continue. The Pollack is very popular.  In the U.S. however Pollack  remains Pollack. 

And in the UK alone, Pollack sales were recently up 144%.

So you may want to keep in mind that should you be in France ordering seafood at a restaurant–if you order the ‘Hake’, you’ll get a plateful of ‘Colin’, which is the fish formerly known as ‘Pollack’ in the UK!

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